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Designed and Fabricated According to Body builder instructions

This structural solution then means that the accommodation module has been mounted on a separate “sub-frame that “floats “ or pivots above the trucks chassis. In a nut shell the sub-frame is to be structurally isolated from the trucks twisting chassis to ensure ZERO twist in the sub-frame. Adopting a “4 point “ / “diamond – shaped “ sub-frame will not void the the truck manufactures warranty.


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When going over uneven ground, your vehicle's suspension will absorb much of the difference in surface height between the wheels. However, at some point the suspension movement will not be enough to compensate for the height difference. The weight of your vehicle will more likely than not result in some chassis-twist. Many off-road vehicles are actually designed to allow chassis-twist. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is a prime example of this. As the vehicle goes over very rough terrain, such that the vehicle's suspension cannot fully compensate, the weight of the vehicle will most likely cause the chassis to twist until one or more wheels make contact with the ground. Let us consider this chassis twist. Assume vehicle’s living cell is attached directly to the chassis in a rigid fashion - what will happen when chassis twists? This twist will be transferred directly to living cell. When driving over corrugations, which we will no doubt encounter in Unpaved roads, this twist can literally tear your living cell apart! Countering this problem by making body sufficiently strong to withstand this twist is not an ideal solution, as this will have the adverse effect of preventing chassis from twisting sufficiently, thus reducing its off-road ability. The ideal solution is to have a torsion-free mounting, which uses geometry to counteract the chassis twist.


Designed to suite your applications on OFF roads

The frame assembly is the foundation of your body on wheels. Its function is to connect the body with the chassis, just like the foundation of a house serves to anchor it to the land it stands on. If a house is situated on a slope, a sandy beach, rocky ground, or perhaps even in an earthquake zone, in each case the foundation is different, in each case it adapts to the particular conditions of the substratum.


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